Sunday, June 21, 2009

HowMuch 1.2 - iPhone application(Lifestyle, utilities)

From $79.99, 30% off, and then 10% membership discount...So... how much is it?

HowMuch is a simple and straight forward shopping calculator. You can input original price, first discount, second discount (if there is one), local tax and then BOOM!, you get the final price.

You can track how much you'll save (or spend) from various discounts on all of your shopping. You also can build your shopping list fast, and can add/remove each item from your total.


Discount calculator
Shopping List
Multiple Shopping List
Budget Shopping
Save/Recall shopping list
and more to come!

1. Preference:Skip List on Start on/off - to start as a shopping list
2. Shopping Summary Show/Hide: Now it has an arrow!
3. Add to Shopping List Button: Added "Add to Shopping List" in the Shopping Summary
4. No need to enter "Done" on Item Add screen: You can click any blank spot without require you to enter "Done" on the keypad
5. International Character Support: You can use any language in Item Name, Shopping List Name

1. Added Edit button in the shopping list.
2. In the input field, can be over-written existing data without deleting them first.
3. Depends on the input type (number/alphabet), different keyboard will be displayed.
4. Can navigate among input fields with new 'previous / next' keys in the keypad.
5. No need to enter the punctuation mark '.'